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Finding a great residential dumpster rental service in Lithonia, GA is as easy as finding an old granite quarry nearby. Before the 1930s not much was known about this town’s mysterious history. Most of its roads were still unpaved and the land was dotted with granite quarries like someone was planning a second installment of East Island Heads but ran out of materials.

But you might actually be sitting inside a building made with Lithonian granite right now. Lithonia’s proximity to nearby railroad lines made its granite reserves ideal for construction companies to mine for. Arabia Mountain is just a stone’s throw away making Lithonia a great option for Atlantians looking for an escape from the concrete jungle.

And thankfully Lithonia is no longer an obscure outlying city. That’s why we make it so easy to rent a dumpster for your next remodeling or cleanup project. You won’t wait more than 24 hours for your dumpster delivery. No worrying about transportation or surprise fees either.

We take care of everything. So go ahead and give us a call. We’ll have your quote in under 5 minutes and you can get back to enjoying life in Lithonia.

What’s the Capacity of a Residential Dumpster?

Different materials call for different dumpsters. With large heavy furniture and appliances weight is the main issue. Remember we have to get that heaving dumpster back onto one of our trucks. So if you know ahead of time you’ll have a heavy load, it’s better we know ahead of time.

But even light materials like drywall, linoleum, and shingles can add up fast. They take up a lot of space. With a few simple questions, we’ll know exactly what size dumpster you’ll need. After thousands of dumpster rentals, we’ve got this. We want to help you get this cleanup job done as fast as possible so you can start enjoying having your home back.

We Make Renting a Dumpster in Lithonia Easy

Renting a dumpster sounds deceivingly simple. But some dumpster rental companies make it so hard to do business with them. They expect you to make arrangements for transporting your dumpster around town. It’s almost like you’re paying to work for them. It sounded off to us too. Instead of leaving everything up to you we bundle everything into your quote right from the start.

There won’t be any surprises when you open your bill. You won’t have to call around to trucking companies trying to figure out what to do with a full dumpster. Just make one call and everything else is in the bag.

dumpster rental and storage container in Lithonia, GA

Never Wait More Than 24 Hours for Your Residential Dumpster

Waiting to reclaim your home from that mountain of debris feels like locking your keys in the car. Your dream home is close yet so far away. We hated spending all this time and money just to be treated like a burden by other dumpster rental companies.

We’d see the reviews warning us of cigarette butts finding their way into bird baths and beyond. The slurry of rusty nails and microparticles the driver didn’t bother to clean up circling your driveway like a pack of menacing sharks. Just waiting to pop a tire or tear into an unsuspecting foot. The solution is so simple and yet so many of our competitors don’t bother to clean up after themselves.

Sometimes even the most careful dumpster renter can’t stop little bits and pieces from cascading down your driveway. So our drivers always do a sweep of the area to keep you, your feet, and your tires safe from harm’s way. No one wants to be late to work because of a flat tire. Or worse, make an emergency visit to the ER because someone stepped on a rusty nail.

It’s what we’d do for our own family. We always ask ourselves, “how would we want this done,” when it comes to helping you out with your home project. That’s how we wish the dumpster rental companies we used to hire were. We knew we weren’t the only ones who deserved better. With this simple idea of great service at affordable prices, Bin There Dump That was born.

Is a Permit necessary For a Dumpster Rental?

Now that you have your project plans laid out and know you want a dumpster, you may need to figure out if a permit is necessary. As a rule of thumb, your driveway is the best place for your rental since special permission from an HOA or city government may not be a requirement. Our minivan size dumpster is a perfect fit for private drives and you can still get the capacity you need for a medium to large residential renvoation plans. Still, if you have to put a roll-off on the street, be ready to contact your local sanitation or public works department for more information and safety guidelines. It's pretty common for a streetside bin to have orange traffic cones and warning tape around it to help local traffic avoid a collision.

If you live in a Homeowners Association (HOA) community, you should also get their permission to park a dumpster on the curb. They have their own road safety and enforcement authority and can force you to remove it if they don't approve of the placement.

“How Much Can I Fit Into a Residential Dumpster?”

Creating your quote all starts with figuring out your mileage to the nearest landfill. From there we’ll ask more about your home project.

We constantly help our neighbors here in Lithonia with the following projects:

  • Construction
  • Remodeling
  • Basement cleanup
  • Natural disaster recover
  • Fire cleanup
  • Landscaping

Not sure if we can handle your home project? Try us! After 17 years of renting dumpsters, we’ve put together a quote process to get you on the way to a clean home. It’s so simple and you have nothing to lose. You can even wait until the last minute and we’ll still have a dumpster ready for you.

So call us now for a no-obligation quote in under 5 minutes!

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Local Guide to Lithonia

Lithonia is in the Atlanta metropolitan area. “Lithonia” means “city of stone”. Lithonia is in the heart of the Georgian granite-quarrying and viewing region.The area encompasses natural, cultural, and historical elements to form a cohesive, nationally significant environment.

Known for one of the gateways to the Arabia Mountain National Heritage Area, where one can enjoy 2,550 acres of trails, fishing sites, and historic site. 

The Lithonia Historic District consists of a commercial core surrounded by residential areas, with a period of significance spanning from 1845 to 1964. The district is bisected by the Georgia CSX Railroad, which runs perpendicular to historic Main Street.

Lithonia has beautiful architectural elements. Stylistic influences in the district include Second Empire, Queen Anne, Folk Victorian, Neoclassical Revival, English Vernacular Revival, Craftsman, and Colonial Revival.

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