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Feeding the ducks at Turner Lake is one of our favorite things to do when we’re not providing the best residential dumpster rental service in Covington, Georgia. And just a short drive to Porterdale’s Yellow River Park, Covington is like living on the coast minus the sky-high property prices and endless traffic.

City life might be right for some, but it just doesn’t offer the nature and friendly neighbors Covington does. Consistently ranking as one of the safest cities to live in, it’s no wonder Covington is perfect for budding young families. And as much as you love the suburban life, it can be hard to find convenient remodeling services for your home. Bin There Dump That changes all that.

Don’t Spend Another Minute With That Pile of Garbage in Your Yard

Spending months remodeling can really take a toll on your energy. Walking on tarps, short breaths through dust masks, and stuck with only one bathroom. It’s hard to feel at home when half the house is blocked off. It’s like a sitcom where they divide the house in half when they’re in a fight.

You sacrifice a lot in the name of customizing your home to your liking. Don’t let some subpar residential dumpster rental service ruin your weekend like some kind of time-thirsty sponge.

At Bin There Dump That we make dumpster rental easier than your usual city garbage pickup. How? You don’t work around a city’s schedule with us. We work around your schedule.

Some of those services you see advertising themselves as “local” are actually foreign call centers forwarding you to dumpster rental companies that purchased your information. Then they resell your information to other business with similar services that you may be interested in. Do you want to give your hard earned money to companies that throw your information around so recklessly? 

We know you don’t and it’s just one of many reasons customers are so happy with our service. How are we able to do all this while the other guys charge a premium for terrible service? When we say local we mean it. We’re right here in town waiting for your call. 

“Do I Need a Big Dumpster?

It’s going to depend on what you’re throwing out. Roof and flooring materials are deceivingly light, but take up a lot of space. And you don’t want to get stuck with more than you can fit in your dumpster. You’ll have to order another canceling out what you were trying to save.

That’s why you should call us now. Our customer service reps are standing by ready to help you. Most of our customers have no idea how big of a dumpster they need. That’s why they pay us to know for them.

Can I Park a Dumpster on the Street in My Neighborhood?

While convenient, parking a dumpster on the street can make your project plans a bit more complicated. This is because many cities and their communities may not allow you to put a roll-off on the curb, or at the very least, demand you get a permit. Avoid losing valuable work time and consider all of your options before choosing to put a dumpster on the road. Your driveway is the best place simply because many times you won't need any permission or permits to do so. Our minivan size dumpster is perfect for this scenario and can handle most medium to large jobs without issue.

If you do have to get a permit, plan ahead. There will likely be several safety precautions you will need to take, including the use of caution tape and traffic cones around the perimeter of your dumpster. You may also need additional permission from your community's Homeowners Association (HOA) if you live in a neighborhood run by one.

dumpster rental and storage container in Covington, GA

Get Your Residential Dumpster in 24 Hours

Some of the most common projects our customers call us for help with include:

  • House fire recovery
  • Flooding issues/busted pipes
  • Remodeling small to medium-sized homes
  • Basement cleanout
  • Replacing roof/flooring

And don’t worry if your home project doesn’t fit into these categories. After years of helping our neighbors with their residential dumpster rental needs, we’ve put together a pricing guide to help with any project.

You’ll never spend more than you have to and you know upfront how much it will all cost. Factor it into your budget instantly rather than wait until the job is done.

How Much Does a Residential Dumpster Hold?

For smaller projects and cleanouts, you may be able to get by with a medium-sized dumpster. But if you’re remodeling and clearing out some old furniture our 20-yard dumpster is a better fit.

Remember, we have to get your full dumpster back onto one of our trucks. So to keep everyone safe, it's better if we know ahead of time how much space you’ll need. Our big dumpsters weigh a few tons on their own. Filled to their max of 4 tons and you have almost 10,000 pounds to drag across your driveway.

Check out other dumpster rental companies negative reviews. See the pictures of gouged driveways and trampled gardens. Why work with someone who doesn’t respect all that you’ve invested in your property?

We always lay down boards to protect your driveway from any damage. Unless you’re planning on converting your driveway into a pool you don’t want to drive over a crater every time you park in your garage.

There’s no need to keep guessing. Give us a call now and take back your home!

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Local Guide to Covington

Covington is a city and the county seat of Newton County, Georgia, located 35 miles east of Atlanta. As of 2012, its population was 13,347. Tourists and residents enjoy shopping and dining in Covington Square or hiking outdoors at Turner Lake.

Covington was founded by European immigrants to the United States. Covington was named for United States Army Brigadier General and United States Congressman Leonard Covington, a hero of the War of 1812. The settlement grew with the advent of the railroad in 1845.

In 1864, General Sherman’s troops marched through during their March to the Sea. Although they looted the city, destroying numerous buildings, several antebellum homes were spared. The Covington Historic District and the North Covington Historic District within the city are both listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The Covington Historic District contains Floyd Street and the downtown square.

Several movies, music videos and television shows have been filmed there including American Reunion, The Walking Dead, The Vampire Diaries, Halloween II, The Dukes of Hazzard, Remember the Titans, My Cousin Vinny, Footloose, Taken 3 and Dolly Parton’s Coat of Many Colors.

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