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If you’re looking for a residential dumpster rental service in Stone Mountain, GA don’t hire the original confederate memorial carving guys.

When Helen Plane first concocted the idea to turn the mountain’s north face into a work of art she didn’t realize the project would take upwards of half a century.

Already delayed for years because of a lack of money, the original artist left in a feud with the management team.

He left the project without any design plans. To add insult to injury his next big project turned out to be Mt. Rushmore.

But locals knew Mrs. Plane’s vision for the world’s largest stone carving couldn’t die. It would be close to 40 years later and new technology could stone carvers finish the immaculate work of art.

A new type of torch that could smooth away impenetrable granite as if it were soft butter became the team of workers’ best friend.

They could blast away thousands of pounds of solid granite like never before.

Just like the final team that finished the monument, we here at Bin There Dump That combines modern technology with great customer service.

How do we do it while maintaining such affordable prices? Keep reading to find out how you can have a dumpster at your house in hours.

Save Money and Time on Your Next Residential Dumpster Rental

Renovating can feel like an uphill jog with ankle weights. Your house is a wreck for months.

You get used to walking on tarps. Dust masks become your favorite accessory.

Clearing out the debris should be the easy part. But some dumpster rental companies expect you to do all the heavy lifting.

Transportation, dumping fees, and loading your full dumpster back onto a truck is all up to you to figure out.

It can be difficult figuring out what your final bill will be because they don’t factor in costs, like dumping fees.

At one point you’re going to wonder what you’re paying for. That’s what we’ve changed about the dumpster rental customer experience.

After renovating so many homes ourselves we knew we could offer a better experience. Rather than outsource everything we really are right here in town.

So we’re close by if you have any questions or comments during your rental. You won’t spend an eternity on hold while some call center worker scrambles to figure out where you’re located.

dumpster rental and storage container in Stone Mountain, GA

Get Your Dumpster in 24 Hours

Staying local is key to our business model. Without being close by we wouldn’t be able to offer our 24-hour guarantee.

Because you shouldn’t have to wait weeks or even days to get your hands on a dumpster.

Sometimes you put off anything to do with your home because of the potential backlash from your HOA.

Working with Bin There Dump That helps you avoid conflict with neighbors because all of our dumpsters are HOA-approved.

You won’t find a notice letter slapped onto your front door when you head out to take the dogs on a walk.

We’re fast to deliver but give you plenty of time to fill your dumpster. Regardless of size, every dumpster you rent with us is all yours for a full 7 days.

This is super helpful when you’re project is still a work in progress. You can throw away waste as it builds up so you don’t have to spend a whole Saturday doing a week’s worth of work.

It’s important to consider your health during a renovation. Trying to rush when you only have a day with a dumpster can lead to injury.

Do You Need a Dumpster Permit?

Customers who place our dumpsters on their privately-owned space, like their driveways, typically won't need a permit. This makes our minvan size roll-off the ideal solution for its compact shape. When this isn't a viable option, and you need to park it on the curb, you will probably need a permit from your city ahead of time. If you live in a community with a Homeowners Association (HOA), you may need special permission from them, as well.

You can expect to have several safety requirements to meet to secure a permit, so make sure to ask for specifics when you call. Often, the use of bright caution tape and traffic cones are mandatory to improve visibility of the dumpster to local traffic.

What’s the Capacity of a Dumpster?

Depending on your home project we can help you figure out what size dumpster to rent. Heavy furniture and appliances often add up in weight faster than you may think.

So can lighter materials with a lot of bulk to them, like old flooring. You’d be amazed how much space even a small home’s old linoleum can take up once it’s not in place anymore.

Most of our customers have no idea just how much the garbage they have. You want a big enough dumpster to handle the weight and volume you’re throwing away without overpaying for space you don’t use.

Just like we protect your driveway with a simple solution we also have a secret weapon against overpaying.

After thousands of dumpster rentals, we put together the ultimate quote guide. By answering just a few simple questions we can get you an accurate quote in minutes.

No surprise or hidden fees. What you see is what you get. Everything on one bill and easy to track.

So why not give us a call now? Stop wondering what this will all cost and start enjoying your home again!

What Size Dumpster Do You Need?

Our quote process is so simple, you have nothing to lose. We give you your price upfront so you can immediately add it to your budget.

You’ve put so much work into your home already, don’t wait to get it cleaned up. Our drivers care as much about your home as you do.

So you’ll never find trampled flower beds or cigarette butts after they leave. Call us now and start enjoying your home again!

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Local Guide to Stone Mountain

Stone Mountain is a lovely city near Atlanta, Georgia. It touches the western base of the geological formation known as Stone Mountain. It’s a gateway to Stone Mountain Park, named for the vast monolith at its center. 

A beautiful foot trail and the Summit Skyride cable car lead to the rock’s peak. Buildings dating back to 1793 fill the park’s Historic Square. Evidence of numerous earlier Native American tribes, including mound builders, have been found in the area of the mountain.

The Stone Mountain Scenic Railroad is a standard gauge railroad that circles the perimeter of Stone Mountain Park in a loop, and provides views of the mountain en route. The park is a great place for families and offers dinosaur exhibits, Geyser Tower water attraction, Stone Mountain Farm yard, a Museum at Memorial Hall, Adventure Golf, and a spectacular laser lights with fireworks show.

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