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Great residential dumpster rental in Peachtree Corners hasn’t always been as simple as we make it look now. Long before Bin There Dump That set out on a mission to change the dumpster rental industry, Peachtree Corners was a small collection of farms.

Nearby Norcross’ railroad stole most of Peachtree Corners’ residents before the turn of the century. But one man’s vision to turn a once-forgotten town into thriving suburbia became a reality in the 60s. Turning the quaint outcrop into one of the largest planned communities the country had ever seen at the time would be no easy feat.

Remodeling one home is hard enough to imagine building thousands from scratch.

Modern-day Peachtree Corners is filled with big beautiful affordable homes. If you’re in the process of remodeling or just need to clear out your old junk, consider renting a dumpster. When you rent with Bin There Dump That every dumpster is yours for a full 7 days. That includes delivery, pickup, and cleanup.

Give us a call now and see why renting a dumpster can save you time and money.

The Easiest Way to Rent a Dumpster

One of your first thoughts when considering renting a dumpster is what size to get. If you’re like most of our customers, you have no idea how much space you need for your project.

Living with clutter is like living with a weird smell, you get used to it. It’s easy to underestimate just how much garbage you have.

Add some overgrown landscaping waste and before you know it you have a couple of thousand pounds of garbage.

When you call us you can let us know immediately which of the following projects we can help you with:

  • Fire/water restoration
  • Basement cleanout
  • Construction
  • Landscaping
  • Junk removal
  • Remodeling

We can still lend a hand if your project isn’t on the list. After close to 20 years in business, we’ve helped our neighbors in Peachtree Corners with all kinds of projects.

How Much Can a Dumpster Hold?

When a 20-yard dumpster is at full capacity it can weigh well over 5 tons. Imagine what that could do to your driveway?

It seemed like every time we rented a dumpster we ended up with a crater in our driveway. So we got to thinking.

How would we fix this problem if we owned a residential dumpster rental service? Boards! For protection!

Our drivers are there to make sure our dumpsters never leave a trace. From delivery to pick-up, they lay boards down on your driveway so the dumpster never touches it.

And it’s near impossible for some spillage to happen. Without someone cleaning up around your dumpster you can end up stepping on an old rusty nail on your way out to grab the mail.

dumpster rental and storage container in Peachtree Corners, GA

Residential Dumpster Rental in 24 Hours

Did you know most local dumpster rental businesses are outsourced call centers? It’s why you face a dystopian experience of wait music and terrible service.

These call centers take thousands of calls a day for all kinds of businesses. You’re better off asking a stranger on the street for a referral.

Since city dumpster rentals are about as reliable as the ice cream machine at your favorite fast food joint.

You already have to wait on contractors who are weeks behind schedule. Cleanup should be as fast as taking out the week’s recyclables.

Make a call, fill up your dumpster, and we’ll be gone before you’re back inside the house for movie night.

We can only provide this level of service by staying local. If you have any questions or comments throughout the process we’re always glad to hear from you.

Are Permits Necessary for Parking Dumpsters on the Street?

In many cities, parking a dumpster on the curb or street requires a permit. The process of obtaining this permission can take a while so it's important to determine if this is your best option. Bin There Dump That encourages our customers to make their best efforts to put rented bins in a driveway first. We offer a minivan size model that is perfect for compact spaces while still offering ample capacity for medium to large renovation jobs. It's also more convenient since a permit is rarely necessary for this chosen location.

If this isn't possible for your project, it's essential to reach out to the appropriate city government office and learn more about the requirements regarding curbside dumpsters, as well as what it takes to obtain a permit. Many times, it will be mandatory for you to outline the perimeter of streetside roll-offs with traffic cones and warning tape. It's also critical for you to contact your Homeowners Association (HOA), as well, since they have their own enforcement standards for community roads.

Finding the Perfect Fit

It’s always best if we know ahead of time if you have a lot of heavy items to throw away. To safely load your dumpster back on the truck, it needs to be the appropriate size.

How do we figure that out? We factor in everything from how far you live from the landfill including any dumping fees they may charge.

It helps to know what materials will make up the bulk of your garbage too. When uprooting an old floor or roof weight isn’t as much of an issue as space is.

These materials are like popcorn. You don’t realize just how much room they take up when you’ve got them all loose waiting to go somewhere.

That’s where we come in. It seemed like we were always getting hit with additional fees on top of what was in our quote.

That’s not how it works here at Bin There Dump That. We bundle all the costs of renting a dumpster into a single quote. You can add it to your budget and depend on that price.

There’s nothing worse than buyer’s remorse, especially when you end up paying even more than you thought you’d be spending.

So what are you waiting for? You have nothing to lose and could have a dumpster at your doorsteps in just 24 hours!

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Local Guide to Peachtree Corners

Peachtree Corners is just a 30 minute drive from Atlanta, Corners is a beautiful community with lots of outdoor activities.

We knew Corners’ residents wouldn’t settle for anything less than the best dumpster rental company. That’s why we take care of what other dumpster rental services leave for you to do. Check out some of the great activities Corners has to offer with all the time we’re going to save you, like:

Town Center

The New Town Center features shopping, dining, and entertainment venues. With two large acre oval lawn areas for gathering and hanging out on sunny days. There’s also a performance stage, wide screen TVs, and cafe tables for lounging. Don’t be surprised if you end up spending more time at the Town Center than your home. 

Jones Bridge Park

Jones Bridge is the perfect spot for a quick dip in the summer or a lazy afternoon of fishing. There are also volleyball courts and a playground when the water gets too cold.

Art on the Chattahoochee Art Market also takes place in the 30 acre park. Dozens of artists and craft vendors bring their work down to the river for sale.

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