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You don’t have to win the lottery to find a great residential dumpster rental service in Tucker, GA. But Tucker’s early European settlers could get up to 40 acres or more just by entering the land lottery. A pretty wild idea given how tight the housing market can be in the Atlanta area. But Tucker offers some of the most bang for your buck when it comes to affordable housing.

The best part of buying underbudget is getting to renovate. You can customize your home to be just what you want. We’re not like your realtor who went on and on about how easy and affordable renovations are. Taking on a home project can really test your patience. Waiting on contractors, paint to dry, and adhesives to set. Suddenly renovating seems more like a never-ending sit in your dentist’s waiting room. Even if you made a schedule you can’t predict when everyone else will be available.

Except us. At Bin There Dump That We stay close by so we’re always ready to go when you need us.

How Much Garbage Does a Dumpster Hold?

If you work with Bin There Dump That you won’t need to worry about a 2-ton dumpster digging into your driveway like taking a knife to a slab of frozen meat.

Our drivers take care of your property as if it were their own. They set down boards before unloading your dumpster.

That way your driveway never has to support the weight of a full dumpster. That’s not the end of our dumpster concierge service either.

Before hauling your full dumpster off to the landfill at the end of the week, every one of our drivers is trained to carefully clean the area surrounding the dumpster.

It’s not uncommon for the wind to blow items out of the dumpster. Or even missing once or twice when you thought your throw could make it.

People rent dumpsters for dirty jobs so we plan for the worst.

What Size Dumpster Is Right for Me

Most of our customers have no idea what size dumpster they need. That’s why we came up with a quote guide to streamline the dumpster rental process.

Answer a few simple questions about the materials you’ll be throwing away and we’ll have a quote for you in under 5 minutes.

We’ll factor in all transportation costs. Did you know some landfills charge a fee to empty your dumpster there?

Of course, you didn’t! Why would you? And yet some dumpster rental companies don’t feel like it’s necessary to tell you beforehand.

When you call Bin There Dump That you get an immediate quote you can add to your budget.

No waiting on making other purchases while you wait to find out how much damage this dumpster rental is going to cause your wallet.

dumpster rental and storage container in Tucker, GA

Dumpster Rental Made Easy

Renting a dumpster with us is so easy you could do it blindfolded with a wedding cake tied to your hands.

Once you call us we take care of everything. All you have to do is fill up your dumpster. As soon as you call we get to working your order.

It all starts with hassle-free delivery. Our drivers make sure you’re satisfied with the placement of your dumpster before leaving.

With an entire 7 days to get your cleanup project done, you’ll still have time at the end of each day for a movie with the family.

When we come back for your dumpster our drivers sweep all around the area. Even the tidiest renovator can’t stop the wind from doing its thing.

Not to mention the danger of stepping or driving over sharp and rusty objects. You won’t catch our employees trampling your garden to death and leaving more cigarette butts behind than a chain-smoker lost in the woods.

And we’re just down the street if you have any questions.

Is a Permit Necessary for Dumpster Rentals?

A permit isn't usually necessary for our customers who use their driveways as a parking spot for their dumpster rentals. Bin There Dump That offers a compact minivan size roll-off that is perfect for most medium to large projects and fits easily in a drive. This isn't always an option for our customers though, and we recommend reaching out to your city government about the need for a permit or not. You might also need permission from your community's Homeowners Association (HOA) if you plan to park your dumpster on the road or curb.

When you apply for a permit, be ready to meet several safety guidelines as a condition of approval. Many times you will have to use warning tape and traffic cones to help local traffic better see your dumpster on the road when passing by.

Get Your Residential Dumpster in 24 Hours

Waiting can be a real pain. We know from years of remodeling homes sometimes things can’t wait.

That’s why we’ve made speed part of our core values. With everything, you have going on renting a dumpster isn’t a top priority.

We get it. That’s why we value your time as much as you do. It’s not fair to make you wait days or weeks for a simple service.

We know when you’re working on the following projects, time is crucial:

  • Basement cleanout
  • Household cleanout jobs
  • Junk removal
  • Small to large home remodeling
  • Roof debris (shingles, metal, or slate)
  • Fire/water restoration
  • Construction/landscaping debris
  • Trash disposal
  • Hurricane recovery cleanup

Even if your project isn’t listed, don’t give up hope. We pride ourselves on helping our neighbors get through even the most grueling home projects.

Together we’ll figure out exactly what you need out of your residential dumpster rental. And it will be at a competitive price.

So why keep waiting? Your house isn’t going to clean itself. You have nothing to lose when you take advantage of our simple upfront quote system.

Rent your residential dumpster today!

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Local Guide to Tucker

Tucker is a lovely city located just 15 miles outside of Atlanta. It was originally settled in the 1820s, and later developed as a railroad community in 1892.

The outdoor events held on Main Street in Tucker are a central part of the community for many organizations and residents. The Tucker Day celebration, first held in the 1950s, is an annual event including a parade, food vendors, artist, musicians, and merchants. The Farmers Market, Taste of Tucker and the Tucker Chili Cook-Off are other events to look for on Main Street.

Tuckers adult sports include road bicycle racing like the weekly 42 mile “Tucker Ride” and “Baby Tucker”. One can enjoy the beauty of nature at Friends of Tucker Nature Preserve. Henderson Park is also a beautiful place to visit with its waterfall, tennis courts, soccer fields, hiking trails and a community garden.

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  • Goodwill Tucker Store and Donation Center

  • 4400 Hugh Howell Rd
  • Tucker, GA 30084
  • 770-771-0471
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