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Top Clean Up Tips After a Basement Flood

Basement flooding, while every homeowner’s worst nightmare, can happen for a variety of reasons. Worse, whether you are dealing with just a few inches of water or swimming pool depths, the serious health issues this situation presents will require a careful clean up once the water is gone.

First Steps After Your Basement Floods

When you initially discover water in your basement, consider what you should avoid doing as your first steps. The most important step to not take is wading through the water. From harmful bacteria to possible electrocution risks because of exposed water and sockets, it’s best to call a professional to shut down the power and extract any water-logged electrical items in your basement before you enter it.

Professionals You May Need for Your Flooding Problem

As mentioned earlier, there is a large range of causes behind basement flooding. Common culprits include:

  • Drenching rain
  • Flash flooding of nearby creeks and rivers
  • Plumbing leak
  • Windows leaking
  • Foundation cracks your basement

All of these issues require a different professional, and below are the top three basement flooding scenarios and who to call to give you a hand with the problem.

Sewage Backups

When you have a backup in your septic, sewer line, or experience torrential rains that overwhelm the city’s sewage system, calling in your local sewage utility provider is a critical first step. Clean up is equally important because of the health hazards this type of wastewater creates for everyone living in your home, so calling in a crew that specializes in this type of service is vital.

Leaks in Your Plumbing

Typically, when a pipe bursts or your water heater springs a leak because of sediment clogging, a plumber is your go-to professional for help. But, many times, you can turn off the leaking water line with a shut-off valve if it is safe to access. For those who have buried valves, you will have to rely on a plumber to get control of the situation.

Foundational Leaks

Oftentimes, leaks originating from a crack in the foundation walls are a result of poor drainage in the surrounding landscape, excessive rain, or additional settling after the cement had been poured during construction. For this situation, having a contractor that specializes in foundational repair and sealing is your best option.

Best Practices for Cleaning a Flooded Basement

Once the water situation has been handled, and there are not any electrical shock risks present, it’s time to quickly clean up to avoid mold and bacteria from thriving in your basement. You will also mitigate the number of repair expenses by taking care of the mess as quickly as possible.

Wear Safety Gear

Despite the major danger of damaged electrical items no longer being present, you should still wear appropriate protective equipment to protect yourself from other environmental hazards after your basement flooded.

You should wear at least some of the following before entering your damaged cellar:

  • Rubber boots
  • Face mask
  • Safety goggles
  • Long sleeve shirt and pants

Get Some Air Flow

Besides moisture being in the air, you could also experience harmful fumes. This is especially true regarding sewer gas after a sewage backup. Open windows and doors and run a dehumidifier to further pull leftover vapor out of the air while you work. Set up several heavy-duty fans to dry out any wooden support or stairs that may have been affected, as well.

Rent a Dumpster

Once you have a chance to assess the damage in your basement, call Bin There Dump That to rent a dumpster and make clean up quick and simple. Trying to bag up wet, soggy, and slimy damaged drywall or household items is not only disgusting, but it’s a hassle. Using a compact roll-off strategically placed in your driveway will simplify the entire cleanout process and save your haggling with local trash services to take away all the debris.

Haul Out Water-Damaged Materials and Belongings

It will probably shock you how just an inch of water from a burst water heater can wreak havoc on a large majority of your basement’s structure. Plan on pitching out any carpet or drywall that was underwater to avoid mold growth that could lead to long term damage to the studs holding it all together.

Be Sure to Disinfect Everything

This last step of your basement flood clean up project is one that should be done carefully and thoroughly. Any surface that came in contact with water needs a good round of disinfecting to kill any bacteria present and prevent further mold growth.

You can use a chemical cleaner from the local market or create one yourself by using a mixture of bleach and hot water according to the directions on the label. Make sure you are still wearing your protective equipment during this step to avoid chemical burns or fumes getting in your eyes.

Emergency Clean Up Needs Fast Dumpster Delivery

Don’t find yourself waiting days or weeks to get a roll-off for your basement clean up job. Bin There Dump That not only provides full-service dumpster rental services, but we get it delivered to your doorstep fast. Often, we can get one of our handy bins to you on the same day or within 24 hours! Call our Eastern Atlanta area office at (770) 932-2838 or contact us online for more information. Don’t forget to check out our blog for additional tips and tricks to maximize the benefits of your dumpster rental experience!

Remember to use Bin There Dump That for all your dumpster needs.

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