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Top 5 Signs You May Have Termite Problems

As a homeowner in the Atlanta metro area of Georgia, knowing what the red flags are for a potential termite infestation can save your home. This type of insect activity is extremely common around the area, (Georgia being one of the highest in the U.S.), so taking steps to treat and prevent recurring invasions of this pest is vital to keeping your home in good condition for the time you live in it.

It goes without saying that putting off repairs and treatment of termites gives these wood-loving bugs a lot of time to enjoy feasting on the structural integrity of your residence. The extent of the damage done will determine if you just need an exterminator to treat the home or if a dumpster rental and major renovation must replace your favorite wood floors.

Learning about these top five signs you have a problem with these ravenous creatures will help you know what to look for and get the situation under control.

#1 Swarmers

Whether you have dry wood or subterranean termite species, if they have wings, they are swarmers and can show up by the thousands in the blink of an eye. While they typically do this for mating, or to form a new colony due to unsuitable conditions, if you see this outside or even in your home, it’s a sign you have an issue.

A sign that you have had previous swarms in or around your home would be discarded wings found around your house. If you spot these, call an exterminator right away to find out how severe of a problem you have on your hands.

#2 Weird Tubes of Mud

Have you ever walked around an old building and noticed odd-looking mud tubes in the corner of a wall or ceiling? This is typically a tell-tale sign of termite activity, old or new is hard to say, but these are the equivalent of highways for termites to travel. You can also find these along the foundation of your home and other cracks and crevices.

#3 Strange Holes in Wood and Surfaces

While you may not have x-ray vision and can see what damage has occurred inside your walls or under the floor, seeing strange holes in wooden surfaces or painted walls is a sign of trouble. Many times, surfaces that appear swollen, worn, or chipped paint and nearby little holes are worth having an exterminator check out for you. It could also be a sign of water damage, which has a unique musty odor.

#4 You Find Unexplainable Wood Damage

While wood damage is an obvious consequence of termite activity, how it presents itself can vary depending on the species of insect you’re dealing with inside your home. Some eat along the grain of wood while another may go right through it. If you find areas that have odd striations of damage, brittleness, and wood dust, it’s time to call a professional for termite treatment.

#5 Termite Droppings Around the House

Whether you have a rodent problem or an infestation of termites, these critters always leave droppings wherever they have been. Also called frass, termite feces comes in different forms. Certain species of this insect use frass to build mud tubes while another leaves behind tiny little pellets around where they are most active.

Rent a Dumpster when Making Repairs to Termite Damage

Discovering you have termites is only part of the process. For many homeowners who have a busy life, these pests go unnoticed until structural damage becomes obvious. When this happens, the renovation of the affected areas is often necessary. Bin There Dump That can help simplify the waste management side of these projects with a dumpster rental. Instead of having to bag up or break down debris to fit in your regular trash, you can just toss it and go without a second thought.

We offer bins that are 4-20 yards long with capacities for just about any job size you throw our way. Our Easter Atlanta office offers the friendliest customer care so that you get the service you expect from a premier dumpster rental company. Give us a call at (770) 932-2838 or reach out online today to find out if you qualify for a same or next day delivery and get all of your questions answered. You can also check out our blog for additional tips and tricks.

Remember Bin There Dump That for all your dumpster rental needs.

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