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The Ultimate List of Kitchen Trends in 2020…

Looking at your drab outdated kitchen makes you hesitant to remodel. You haven’t even started looking for a residential dumpster rental in Buford, GA 

What if you poor tens of thousands into your kitchen, only to be making the same face when it’s out of style in another decade?

You’re not alone. Homeowners all across the country are moving away from trendy color schemes that only stay cool until the next issue of Country Living tells you the opposite a month from now.

So how can you invest in a kitchen that you can enjoy and add value when you go to sell?

Combining minimalism with natural materials is the perfect recipe for a timeless kitchen remodel in 2020.

Timeless elegance is the trend to end all trends. No more updating your kitchen every 10-15 years to keep up with the Joneses.

Follow these tips for a kitchen you’ll still be proud of in another 15 years.

1. Big slabs of stone

Little tiles are out. They’re hard to clean and are the furthest thing from a crowd-pleaser. If you plan on selling your home in the future, considering going with single slabs of stone for countertops.

Granite, quartz, and other stone counters are pricey, but they last forever. They’re heat resistant making them perfect for the home chef.

Marble is also a great option but the most expensive. Save money by working with Bin There Dump That instead of more expensive dumpster rental services that feel more like you’re working for them.

2. Wood Cabinets

Laminate cabinets can look nice, but nothing can replace the feel of real wood. Like our stone countertops, the investment is less than what you’ll spend replacing cheaper cabinets every 5 years.

The great thing about wood is the variety. And you can stain the wood to change up your kitchen’s look every few years.

Not sure what type of wood fits your kitchen best? Knotty Alder has lots of character but is a softwood that can be delicate.

If you have kids or plan on renting your home out, Oak may be a better choice. It’s super dense making it the perfect damage-resistant cabinet material.

3. Minimalist Kitchen Seating

Just because you’re kitchen seating looks beautiful doesn’t mean it has to be uncomfortable.

Bring the outdoors in with bench seating that turns every meal into a picnic. If you prefer more traditional seating try something like these mid-century upholstered chairs.

Have fun with it. Unlike the bigger investments, like counters and cabinets, kitchen furniture is affordable enough to change out when you feel like trying something new.

Get rid of those rickety old chairs and work with the best residential dumpster rental in Buford, GA.

4. Whitewood and Cabinets

White finishings may remind you of the 80s, but modern interior designers are embracing a modernized version.

We’re not going to lie and say a white kitchen isn’t high maintenance. But if you’re going for a relaxed luxury vibe, as if your home is Martha Stewart’s getaway in the Hamptons, a white kitchen will do it.

You don’t have to go all white for a classic look. Add some black hardware for a sharp and refined look.

5. Stone Backsplash

Adding some natural materials turn a sterile-looking kitchen into a cozy log cabin getaway. Not only that, backsplashes make cleanup easy.

No more dingy walls behind your counters that look like they’ve seen more food splattered on them than a middle-schooler in a perpetual food fight.

Cleanup is as simple as wiping down the marinara with a wet washcloth. Not quite as easy as working with a residential dumpster rental company that cleans for you, but close.

Remodeling With the Future in Mind

You were afraid you’d pick the wrong backsplash. You didn’t know if those new cabinets would look as good as they did at the home improvement store.

But walking into your new kitchen, you wonder why you didn’t do this sooner. In just weeks you watch your home transform from something straight out of an 80s rom-com to a sleek and modern abode your friends and family will swoon over.

If you’re ready to embark on a remodel you’re going to need to work with the best residential dumpster rental service in East Atlanta.

What makes Bin There Dump That the best? Well, have you ever tried lugging a 4-ton dumpster around town before?

Doesn’t sound like fun right? What about all the leftover debris lurking around your yard. It outlines where the dumpster was like a crime scene.

It’s almost like you need another dumpster to clean up the leftovers. That’s what makes us different.

Our drivers sweep up the area after picking up your dumpster. No loose nails or sharp stuff to worry about.

So stop waiting and call the best residential dumpster rental in Buford, GA today!

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