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Soggy Yard? Top Tips to Improve Drainage

After it rains, are you tired of looking out into your yard and see standing water everywhere? Has your yard begun to look more like a swamp than a lush getaway? If this sounds like your backyard, you probably need to improve its drainage.

From yard slope issues to not having a long enough downspout to divert rainwater, many factors can make a yard turn into a muddy mess. Consider implementing some of the below drainage solutions to reclaim your property.

DIY Yard Drainage Solutions

Water Your Yard Less

While this may seem a dubious solution, frequently watering your lawn can put a yard already on the brink of a drainage problem over the edge. Simply adjusting how often you hydrate can allow the soil below to dry out and not cause pooling.

Use a Longer Downspout

Our downspouts can be a significant source of oversaturation issues if not diverting to areas that can handle the excess water. Downspouts that only go a short distance towards those zones and rely on gravity to do the rest may wear down the ground over time and cause shallow pooling. Extending your downspout may solve this issue.

Create an Artificial Drainage Bed

For some yards, rainwater can’t be diverted by a downspout alone. You may need to create an artificial drainage area, like a creek bed or swale. This does require your yard to have an accommodating downslope to work.

Plant Water Friendly Plants in Your Swamp

If you like plants and would be happy with a new garden area where the water collects the worst, you could install a rain garden. To do this, you would install water-friendly plants where to catch rainfall and somewhat dry out the over-saturated area of your yard. It won’t fix your drainage issue, but it will make the area somewhat functional and visually appealing.

Consider Using a Dry Well

Another water diversion option to correct yard drainage issues is a dry well. This well literally goes below the waterlogged topsoil and redirects flooding water.

Regularly Evaluate Your Yard for Drainage Issues

One thing about yard drainage issues is they can return as the landscape of your yard changes over time. This could be due to erosion or new construction, but always conduct regular assessments of soggy areas that start to reappear. Staying ahead of the problem can prevent a lot of work in the future.

If you have to dig out an artificial creek bed or dry well, you will likely need a way to get rid of the excess topsoil you need to remove. A dumpster rental from Bin There Dump That can be the perfect solution for this since it sits conveniently on your property, has ergonomic double-doors and comes with driveway protection.

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