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Quick Home Maintenance Projects for Kids

As the pandemic has many parents scrambling for ways to enrich their children’s learning experience during the extra time at home, consider some of the below quick-fix projects. Not only will these teach your children the value of taking care of their home, but it also helps them to become an important part of the team that keeps your household running.

Smoke Detector Testing and Battery Replacement

Make practical use of all the fire safety your children learn at school by involving them in regular testing of smoke detectors. Also, demonstrate how to replace a battery in one should it not function anymore.

Faucet Cleaning

Your child probably understands something is wrong when they try to wash their hands, but the water shoots out of the faucet sideways. Intrigue their mechanical interests by showing them how to disassemble the faucet head and clean the aerator screen with a toothbrush.

Eliminate Squeaky Hinges

Help your youngster eliminate those annoying door and cabinet squeaks by using WD-40 or olive to help lubricate hinges. Don’t forget to use a cloth to catch any excess that may drip off after application.

Picture Hanging

Hanging up a picture requires several skills to do correctly. From ensuring the portrait or poster is in the right position to learning how to nail or screw into a wall with the right tools, this most basic of projects will teach your child a valuable lesson for the future.

Making Windows and Mirrors Shine

From toothpaste spatter on mirrors to random greasy face prints on our patio sliding doors, kids seem to make their presence visible everywhere they go. A great activity that teaches responsibility for cleaning up after making a mess is cleaning windows and mirrors of those oily reminders they left behind. A simple microfiber cloth and vinegar and water will make this job a snap for any aged child.

Removing Dead Wood and Branches

If you recently had to clean up an overgrown area of your yard or cut up a dead tree, having your child help you remove the debris is always helpful. Make sure to rent a dumpster to make tossing unwanted vegetation a breeze and avoid overloading your household trash.

Tighten New Drawer or Cabinet Hardware

Did you just finish renovating your kitchen but now have to install all the handles and knobs? This simple job is a great way to teach your child about basic screwdriver tasks and how nuts, bolts, and washers go together to make a snug fit.

Using a Shop-Vac After a House Project

Whether you built a new deck or finished your basement, there’s bound to be saw and drywall dust everywhere. Put your teen in charge of some clean up by tasking them with vacuuming away this dusty residue from window sills and baseboards with a shop vac. You may want to have a residential friendly dumpster on hand for the larger material waste, as well.

Paint Touch-ups

We’ve all seen the scuffs on walls, trims, and doors from our children rampaging through the house while playing. Give them a taste of responsibility by having them help touch-up these areas they roughed up. Show how to avoid drips, spills, and spatter while emphasizing using better care in the house to avoid having to do this job again.

Get Your Dumpster Today for Those Bigger Projects Around the House

For older teens, you may decide to include them on remodeling a bathroom or framing in your front porch. Bigger jobs require larger disposal options since local trash haulers probably can’t handle construction materials or old cabinetry. Bin There Dump That offers compact dumpsters that are safe and easy to use that include driveway protection and sweep up after hauling it out.

Call our Eastern Atlanta area office at (770) 932-2838 or contact us online for more information. Don’t forget to check out our blog for additional tips and tricks to maximize the benefits of your dumpster rental experience!

Remember to use Bin There Dump That for all your dumpster needs.

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