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Garage Organization Ideas - Have More Space in Just One Weekend

 (modified Sep 17, 2020)

Imagine having twice as much room in your garage.

Finally, have room for that jetski or extra freezer for your next hunting trip.

If your garage is packed tighter than Kim Kardashian’s waist at a public appearance this article is for you.

We’ll show you how to make the most of your garage space so you can use a dumpster rental service for the stuff you really don’t want anymore.

These garage organization ideas are doable on any budget.

How to Double Your Garage Space in 1 Weekend…

1. Corner Shelves for Garage Organization

Corners are another underutilized space in most garages. You’ve got shelves, maybe even a few cabinets, but corner shelves are perfect for smaller items you don’t want to get lost.

You don’t even need to do any drilling. Stand-alone corner shelves can be had for pretty cheap and this way you can move them out of the way if you decide to use one of our other garage organization tips instead.

2. Utilize Ceiling Space

The best garage organization ideas create space where you didn’t know it was possible.

You can get some cheap rails and turn your ceiling into a sliding storage powerhouse. Ceiling storage is great for holiday decorations and other items you don’t use year round, like camping gear.

You’ll keep clutter off the floors and even off the walls. Ceiling storage gives you a place to put stuff you would have never considered before.

3. Make a Shelf Just for Car Products

You’ve been putting off washing your car because you don’t want to do the song and dance of looking for everything you need.

Here come garage organization solutions to save the day.

Soap from under the kitchen sink, sponges in the cabinet upstairs, and polish somewhere in one of your old tool boxes.

This is why we suggest designating a special shelf just for car-related items.

Having a shelf like this is especially handy when you’re in a rush and your car starts acting up.

You can run through an engine health check faster than a bullet going through a wall made of butter.

4. Throw-And-Go Containers

Pick up some stackable bins for frequently used items.

Put them right next to the garage door leading into the house so the kids can through any sports equipment or clothes in so you’re not scavenging for them later.

Make a beach day/pool bin so you have towels, toys, and sunscreen ready to go as soon as you walk out the door.

5. Use Tiered Storage Racks

Garage storage brand Monkey Bars have a patented solution to limited wall space. Their racks are designed to hold multiple levels of tools and equipment.

You can separate your power tools from your lawn care without having to take up an entire wall for each.

6. Use Tower Racks

A few of these tower racks paired with some bins are great for keeping your recycling all in one place.

You can separate your papers and plastics without doubling the floor space you’re taking up.

This way you only send unrecyclable garbage off with the dumpster rental service.

Nothing Better Than an Organized Garage

Finally getting around to actually using some of these garage organization ideas and realize you have more to get rid of than expected?

Lucky for you Atlanta has the best residential dumpster rental service in the country.

Bin There Dump That can have a dumpster at your doorstep in hours. No waiting for random city pickup times or their crazy fees.

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