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Make Your Place Look Like a Million Dollar Listing

 (modified Mar 12, 2020)

Your friends are excited to see what you’ve done with your place. You’re having them over for the 1st time since taking on a DIY home decor project.

As soon as they walk in, they’re stunned. They can’t believe you didn’t pay a fortune for what appears to be a professionally designed living room.

You spent less than half what you would have if you bought all this stuff from the store. That's what makes DIY furniture so great.

You can get something totally unique and custom fit to your liking without an interior decorating budget that rivals what Bill Gates spends on sasnd (the sand at his lakefront mansion arrives on a barge fresh from the Carribean).

Without further ado, here are some of our favorite DIY decorating ideas you can try out during your next deep cleaning or remodel:

1. DIY Day Bed

Day beds make the perfect addition to a living room or den that need some extra seating space. If you have an old twin mattress you’re already halfway there.

All you have to do is attach some mid-century table legs to the bottom of the box spring. Style your new day bed with the pillows from its former life and you have a totally new piece of furniture!

2. DIY Shelves

Shelves are such a great DIY project because you can use just about anything to build them. Reclaimed wood fits right into older homes with its rustic feel and acts as a great design contrast in a modern home.

All you need are some metal brackets, reclaimed wood, and an accurate level. Depending on the type of reclaimed wood you get these can be heavy duty shelves that hold a lot of weight or you can make smaller shelves in your bedroom to store your books and knick-knacks.

3. Paint Your Linoleum Floors

Does anyone really like linoleum floors? They’re cheap and pretty durable, so even though they may not be at the top of any interior designer’s list of decorating tips you can still make them work.

All you need is some paint and a good water-based sealer. You can do a solid color if you don’t want to get too involved or use painter’s tape to create stripes and other patterns.

4. Transform Your Closet Doors

Having mirrored closet doors is great for getting ready in the morning. But full length mirrored closet doors can get expensive.

Instead, you can make your own. Get some cheap framed mirrors and paint the frames to match your closet doors.

You can use some sticky pads to glue your new mirrors to your closet and with the matching paint, they’ll look built in.

6. Hide Your Wires

You just dropped a small fortune on your new TV, don’t take away from it’s aesthetic by leaving all the wires out.

You can use a hollow curtain rod to run the wires through so you don’t have to worry about kids or pets running into them.

7. Beautify Your Shower Curtain

Those cheap little shower curtain rings break easy and aren’t exactly easy on the eyes. Instead, use some nice metal napkin holders and silky ribbon to attach your shower curtain to the curtain rod.

The metal rings don’t just look nice they’ll last much longer than those plastic rings.

8. Frame Your TV

Adding a decorative picture frame to your TV gives it an artistic look. Add a few framed photos and art pieces to the same wall and set your TV to a scenic view of the ocean or play a video of a warm fireplace for an added cozy effect.

9. Accent Ceiling

You might have an accent wall in 1 of your rooms already. For your next painting project try out an accent ceiling.

Using a lighter color than your walls can make a room feel bigger with higher ceilings.

10. Stainless Steel Paint

Turn your lackluster appliances into top of the line stainless steel beauties. Stainless steel paint goes on easy and can make an old fridge look brand new. Keep a bottle around for your future DIY home decor projects.

11. Only Paint Half the Wall

Just like an accent ceiling can make a room feel bigger, try painting only the bottom half of your walls. It gives the appearance of taller ceilings.

12. Stick on a New Backsplash

Putting up a backsplash used to require lots of materials and time. Now with peel and stick backsplashes, like this beautiful dark grey one, you can transform your kitchen into something out of an interior design catalog in under an hour.

13. Curtain Headboard

A nice headboard can cost hundreds of dollars. Want the look without the hefty price tag? Put a curtain rod a few feet above the head of your bed and put up some soft silky drapes for a way to finish the look of your bed without breaking the bank.

14. Room Signs

Never have a guest stumble into your messy bedroom while looking for the bathroom. Use some cheap brackets and engraved wood attached just above the door so guests never have to wonder the halls again.

Diy Home Decor on a Budget

All your friends you invited over are asking you to help them with their own DIY projects. They want their homes to look just like yours.

But before you guys start shopping for all your DIY supplies, be sure you’ve cleared out all the old stuff.

You’re going to need a dumpster to get the job done right...

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We care about your property as much as you do. That’s why we lay down wood boards to protect your driveway from any scuffs.

We also offer different sizes of dumpsters, so however big or small your cleanup job is we’ve got you covered.

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