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Christmas Tree Disposal Tips

Many cities around the United States offer curbside pick up for a recycling program to make mulch and/or compost, but not all. You may find that your area doesn’t offer this convenient option for disposing of a live tree, or you may have chosen a flocked or imitation tree that doesn’t qualify.

Whatever your situation, we have some tips to make your Christmas tree disposal effort a cinch after the holiday has ended.

Live Tree Disposal Requires Preparation

If your local city offers free pick up and haul-out of your live tree on the curb, you will need to prepare it ahead of time. Removing things like tinsel, ornaments, and other non-organic decors must come off before you plop it on your street corner. Also, you may need to chop it up first and put it in a yard waste bag. Make sure to call your local city service to find out more!

Flocked Trees are Not Recyclable

Though very few, there are some recyclable imitation trees out there, but the flocked types -- has fake snow on the branches -- are not. The chemicals that make up the crusty white flocking material are not recycle friendly. Trees of this type will need to be broken down and put in your regular trash or dumpster.

Composting Your Tree is Always Smart

If you or a neighbor own a wood chipper, turning your live Christmas tree into mulch for your compost heap is always a smart environmental choice.

Don’t Put Your Christmas Tree in the Fireplace

Fake trees shouldn’t go in a burn pile because of the toxic chemicals that will go into the air. Real trees also should not go into your fireplace for quite a few reasons, the first of which being it won’t be dry enough to burn. Even if you let the pieces of the tree dry outdoors for a few months, you still should avoid burning it in your home. The sap is sticky, and even after aging, it can still coat the inside of your chimney and potentially cause a fire. Always burn old Christmas trees outdoors in a safe location.

Dumpsters Make a Great Alternative for Christmas Tree Disposal

If you bought a humongous tree, or have a lot of excess holiday trash to dispose of besides your Christman conifer, then a dumpster rental is your best value. Not only can you put a live or imitation tree in a roll-off without any hectic scheduling, but you can dispose of all the decor, trimmings, and gift waste conveniently. Breaking down large boxes from a new television or appliance is a pain, but not with a dumpster rental.

Donate Your Artificial Tree

If your imitation tree is still working, but you don’t want to use it again for future holiday celebrations, then consider donating it to a local non-profit. Many organizations use these for outreach programs during Christmas time in places like senior homes, hospitals, schools, and more. This is a great option if you don’t want to toss a gently used tree into the dumpster.

Upcycle Your Imitation Tree

Finally, if you love your fake tree but can’t keep using it, consider upcycling. It’s an eco-friendly solution that will add nostalgia to your future celebrations. Here are some options to make it into future holiday decor that takes up less space:


Take the larger branches from the middle and lower part of the tree and overlap them into a circle. Use zip ties or pliers to secure them together. Add old tree lights, ornaments you don’t want anymore, and/or other decor items to give it the holiday flair you’ve grown to love.

Table-top Tree

Let your fake tree live on as a table-top tree decoration. Just cut off the top of the tree at the height you want to keep. Use styrofoam blocks to make a tree stand and decorate.

Need Help with Christmas Tree and Holiday Decor Disposal?

With the holiday over and a New Year about to start, transitioning to your next big bash doesn’t have to be stressful. Bin There Dump That offers dumpster rental options that are compact and convenient. With double-door access and driveway protection, make your holiday clean up a breeze this year!

Call our Eastern Atlanta area office at (770) 932-2838 or contact us online for more information. Don’t forget to check out our blog for additional tips and tricks to maximize the benefits of your dumpster rental experience!

Remember to use Bin There Dump That for all your dumpster needs.

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