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Best Dumpster Size for Demolishing an Old Shed

Buying a new home is always an exciting milestone in life. Deciding on the type of paint colors you want to use in your kitchen or updating the landscape of your backyard are just a few of the fun projects you might have planned. Sometimes, it might be necessary to demolish a structure like a tool shed to create that serene patio you’ve always wanted. While safety should be at the top of your preparation list, it’s equally important to plan ahead for disposal of debris.

Local trash services may not have the ability or capacity to handle discarded wood and sheet metal from an outdoor storage building, so it’s essential to get a dumpster. Not only will it keep dangerous materials from being underfoot while you work, but you won’t have the hassle of bagging and hauling it to the local dump. But what size roll-off do you need?

What Dumpster Size Do I Need for Shed Tear Downs?

Figuring out the dumpster size you need may seem impossible, but by determining how much waste your project might produce, you can know. Just remember as a rule of thumb that you shouldn't assume a small shed won’t generate a lot of waste. Between the metal, wood, nails, and other components that it’s made of, the debris will pile up fast. So if you believe that your demolition will produce about 16 cubic yards of waste, go ahead and rent a 20-yard dumpster. This is especially true if you have to clean out unwanted tools and supplies first!

If you order a dumpster rental that is smaller than you actually needed, you could accrue extra charges for overloading capacity. Renting a roll-off with Bin There Dump That will include the costs of any mileage, delivery fees, and disposal, but that doesn’t mean you can just put whatever weight or material into it. Federal and state laws are very strict about what can and cannot go in a dumpster, as well as how much volume they can hold for any given size.

These reasons are why it’s always best to order a little bigger than you estimate to cover for any miscalculations and avoid those extra charges on your rental. Dumpster companies do their best to give you the most accurate price point upfront when you rent one of their bins, but as you can see, many factors can change the initial estimate.

Other Residential Demolition Projects That Need Dumpsters

Bin There Dump That works with homeowners and residential contractors every day to choose the right dumpster size for their tear down plans. Many customers we work with come to us at the last minute because they assumed there wouldn’t be much debris at all from a small home demolition project and found out otherwise halfway through the job.

Consider some of the below home improvement projects that almost always need a dumpster:

  • Interior wall removals
  • Deck tear downs
  • Removing fencing
  • Bathtub replacement
  • Flooring or carpeting removal and installation
  • Demolishing an old patio
  • Countertop and cabinet replacements

If you plan to do-it-yourself for any of the above renovation ideas, you can bet money on needing at least a 15 to 20-yard dumpster to hold all of the debris.

Debris Type Determines the Dumpster You Need

You need more than just an estimation of waste volume before deciding on what size dumpster to rent. Debris type is critical to choosing your roll-off capacity because of the weight added and space taken inside the bin. Disposing of heavier materials might demand a 40-yard dumpster to meet the capacity limits despite only half filling the physical volume of space in it.

Construction debris that can quickly exceed weight limits of a dumpster are:

  • Bricks
  • Concrete
  • Carpeting
  • Drywall
  • Dirt, Sand, etc.

Let the Experts Help You Pick a Dumpster Size

For the average homeowner, figuring out the correct dumpster size may seem complicated and confusing. When in doubt, give Bin There Dump That a shout! Our professional representatives are available to help you answer this question and walk you through the simple process of renting a roll-off.

Bin There Dump That offers a convenient and hassle-free dumpster service that not only has fast delivery times, but we also clean up after ourselves when hauling out your demolition debris. We pride ourselves on giving our customers a premier rental experience, unlike the larger third-party chains that probably don’t know anything about your community. 

Call us at 770-932-2838 to learn more about our available roll-offs for your shed tear down project plans, or reach us online here. Check out our blog for additional tips and tricks to maximize the benefits of your dumpster rental experience!

Remember to use Bin There Dump That for all of your dumpster needs.

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