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3 Tips for Saving Money On Old Home Renovations

 (modified Dec 17, 2019)

You’ve been looking for a residential dumpster rental in Buford, Georgia with as much as history as your antique property. You want all your ducks in a row before moving forward with your old home renovations

Your home has already withstood a century of family drama, excitement, and let downs. 

It’s seen more holiday seasons come and go than the last four generations of your family combined.

So why does it seem like it needs constant maintenance? Just like us, homes need checkups, repairs, and a little pampering.

You’ve been procrastinating because it never feels like a good time to spend tens of thousands reviving your home. Especially when it feels like it’ll just need it all again in a few years.

Every contractor you contact seems to charge 10 times the price of materials. But what do you know about renovating a home? What option do you have other than leaving it to the professionals?

Renovations don’t have to cost as much as the house did. But how can you save money while preserving the integrity and character of an antique home?

While contractors and home supply stores will push for you to buy the most expensive option, it’s rarely needed.

These 3 tips for saving money on old home renovations are suitable for total newbies and seasoned weekend warriors alike.

1. Only Renovate One Room at a Time

Renovations are a lot of work, but also super exciting. Scouring Pinterest for bathroom decor ideas has you picturing every cute seahorse bath mat when you get out of the shower.

But like a kid in a candy store sometimes our eyes are bigger than our stomachs. In the case of DIY home renovations one great idea births a million others.

Before you know it you’re taking out a second mortgage when you haven’t even made a dent in your first.

Slow down. While it’s enticing to think of having a totally new house in a few months, there’s no need to rush your old home renovations if you’re not selling.

Waiting until you have at least 60-80% of your renovation budget for each room will keep you from overspending.

Not to mention you won’t be losing sleep over the possibility of a medical emergency or other expensive unforeseeable mishaps.

Remember to keep a cash reserve for non-renovation items because you never know when a rainy day might hit.

2. Use Dumpster Space to Your Advantage

Working with Bin there dump that gives you a huge advantage. Our quote process ensures you’ll have the right dumpster for the job.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from a little dumpster feng shui. Instead of throwing in everything willy nilly, treat filling your dumpster like a game of Tetris.

Get your largest items first. Start on one end and stack it as high as you can without going over the top of the dumpster.

This way you can get a lot more use out of any dumpster rental, regardless of size.

3. Opt for Open Shelving Instead of Pricey Cabinets

Why are cabinets so darn expensive? They’re wood boxes with some handles. But what’s the alternative?

Don’t worry, we’re not suggesting you toss your cabinets with no backup in mind. Do you find yourself having a lot of expired food and items you thought were lost for good in the depths of your cabinets?

We’ve all been there. It sucks to see wasted money or worse, buying a new tool because you can’t find your old one.

Open shelving is not only a huge cost-saver, but you’ll also never have to break out the step ladder looking for a can of tomato soup again.

For Any Leftovers...

Renovating an old home is like making a sandcastle. A small mistake can destabilize an otherwise durable structure.

But with the right equipment and approach, you can give another century of life to your antique property.

It’s always easier to take on any home project when you have a residential dumpster rental at your disposal.

You’ve looked at city services and other businesses that either put you on hold or treat you like your bothersome.

Working with Bin There Dump That is a totally different experience. We work with you to make restoring an old home a breeze.

In under 5 minutes, you’ll have a quote and a dumpster on its way in less than 24 hours. How do we offer unbeatable prices and with top-notch customer service?

We don’t outsource. We don’t forget about outside fees. We even provide you with a dumping allowance to handle any landfill fees and the like.

Let us be the first ones you call after this holiday season. See for yourself how easy it is to get an unbeatable quote today!

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