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15 Ways to Improve the Curb Appeal of Your Home

Whenever homeowners attempt to attract buyers when their home is for sale, the exterior often makes the first impression. Curb appeal is an essential piece of marketing your house. From landscaping to the front door and siding, all of these pieces drive interest in potential buyers. How much you need to invest in these changes depends greatly on your sales expectations and circumstances. Whether you choose to do it yourself, or hire a contractor and rent a dumpster, efforts to improve the visual appeal of your home will help it sell faster.

Simple Projects to Boost the Curb Appeal of Your Porch

Walking up the path to your front porch should be a welcoming experience for a new family. Consider the simple updates below that can enhance the visuals of your entryway:

Freshly Painted Door

Painting your front door a complementary color that completes the entire entranceway is one of the simplest ways to add appeal.

Update Your Door

Over time, doors take a lot of abuse. From children pushing in and out, slamming it shut, and exposure to the sun can cause numerous dents, chips, and fading. Spending money on a new door is a smart investment because it will add significant appeal to your front porch.

Install a New Porch or Deck

Is your front porch masonry turning into rubble or a slip and fall hazard on the steps? Installing a new porch or deck, while a bit more costly, would rejuvenate your entranceway.

Structural Updates to Increase Curb Appeal and Home Value

If you have a property in a nice neighborhood that needs more substantial renovations to attract the right buyer, consider the below impactful updates to help increase its value:

Repave Your Drive

If your driveway looks like a pothole-ridden eyesore, you should invest in more than just quick patches. Nothing turns off buyers than obvious attempts to pass off big repairs. Replace your driveway and boost the overall impression your home makes on potential home buyers.

Repair and Update Your Home’s Exterior Surfaces

The best sign of a cared for home is an immaculate exterior that is bright and in visibly good shape. If your stucco is breaking off in patches around the front windows, or your siding has extensive mold and warping, you should take time to repair these blemishes before putting your house on the market. This effort will not only improve your chances of getting your asking price, but it will possibly help bring in a higher resale value.

Consider a New Garage Door

Garage doors get very dingy and banged up over years of use, and eventually, they sound horrible too. If a fresh coat of paint doesn’t hide the dings and dents, you may need to go ahead and replace the door. Choosing an option that has windows or panel accents will also add more character to your curb appeal.

Renting a Dumpster Can Benefit All of Your Curb Appeal Projects

As you can see, there are many small improvements you can make that can carry a significant impact. Projects that require more investment should still be a priority if hazards are present, like concrete paths that have broken apart or become uneven. You may opt to do it yourself or hire a contractor for these larger jobs, but make sure you plan ahead carefully so that you don’t delay putting your home on the market.

Waste management is a key aspect of any home improvement project that involves demolition or structural repair. Many local trash services won’t haul off old shingles after having a new roof installed, and you would have to tear down a garage door into manageable pieces. The best solution for debris after improving your home’s curb appeal is to rent a dumpster. With a centralized location to toss construction waste, you will create a safer project space to work in.

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